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June 2007
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My favorite non-compliant patient story

At one time I was working in a pharmacy in Gainesville, Florida, and have to mention one favorite experience I had with a patient who wanted his last antibiotic refilled. It had been filled 2 weeks prior, so it was a good bet that he had stopped it too soon. When I asked if he had taken all of them for the full 7 days, he sheepishly said he hadn’t because he felt fine after 4 or 5 days. He didn’t see the point.

So I proceeded to explain how that had allowed the remaining bugs to have enough “baby bugs” to make him sick all over again. I then (with a smile, of course!) made him promise to take them ALL this time! …or else he’d have to answer to me again!

He said, “Wow! I’ve been chewed out by some tough refs, but I’m not messin’ with you. I’ll take this like a man!” When he left, the pharmacy clerk asked me if I knew who I had just chewed out. I said no, and looked at the name on the prescription - R. Maris. She said that was Roger Maris, the famous baseball player!

He actually came in again a couple of weeks later and proudly told me he had taken all of his pills, and thanked me for taking the time to explain why it was important. How cool was that?!

Side note: From the Roger Maris fan web site:

Roger and teammate Mickey Mantle entertained baseball fans throughout the summer of ‘61 as the two New York Yankee sluggers chased the record many called the most cherished in all of sports. Mickey dropped out of the home run race early due to an illness, but finished with a career high 54 home runs. Roger tied Ruth on September 26, hitting his 60th home run. He then hit his 61st home run on the final day of the season, October 1, 1961, against the Boston Red Sox to set a new record. The Yankees won the game, 1 to 0, and later went on to win the World Series.

See that? Roger beat Mickey mantle in a race to break Babe Ruth’s record, and he did it by staying healthy!

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